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Yet she assured me her gift was coming on Monday and it

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He acted really unsportsmanlike after his draw with Stevenson

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A few hours later and some 50 miles away at the Naya Andaz

Modi backers stage ‘funeral of free speech’ near Wharton

A group of Indian Americans, appalled canada goose parka outlet by Wharton India Economic Forum’s withdrawal of invitation to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, staged a demonstration near the Wharton School where the summit is underway. Arthur J Pais reports.

After staging a «funeral» at a corner of a street near Wharton School of University of Pennsylvania and carrying a placard which read In Memory of Free Speech 1776 2013 Killed at Wharton, over 130 men and women, mostly in their 50s, marched for about 15 minutes braving a bright but a canada goose outlet brutally cold Saturday.

They then gathered in front of the university museum where the students, who had earlier invited Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to give the inaugural talk at Wharton India Economic Forum and then rescinded the invitation, were holding the annual event.

Shouting pro Modi canada goose outlet edmonton slogans, the protestors many who canada goose outlet store calgary seemed to know each other in their Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Bharatiya Janata Party circles also shouted slogans denouncing a canada goose clothing uk handful of Wharton professors including Toorjo Ghose (Fire Toorjo Goebbels, read one placard) who had led a campaign against Modi’s invitation.

uk canada goose outlet Free Free Speech from Intellectual Al Qaeda, read another placard. It added, Let Freedom Ring!!! uk canada goose outlet

And they ended the protest with vociferous slogans, «God Bless America» while waving a placard, Keep America Safe. Dozens of American flags fluttered, as VHP and BJP crowd blessed America. A few yards away, across the road, an Indian flag also fluttered at the entrance to the forum venue.

A few people were little disappointed as there was no huge turn over, despite widely canadagoosesalesuss.com publicised free bus ride offer from Edison, an hour and half away from the protest venue.

One man wondered if it was the cold that had deterred others from joining the protest. A few hours later and some 50 miles away at the Naya Andaz dance competition there were over 1200 people for a ticketed event which cost $60 (around Rs 3261) for the lowest tickets.

«We are mourning the death of free speech at this university,» said Narain Kataria, one of the organisers, dressed in a well cut suit, sporting a flamboyant red tie, and dark glasses. «They have done many things like this before,» he added, without elaborating. «There canada goose outlet in usa will be a coffin and candles at the funeral.»

canada goose clearance But as the «funeral» began, there was no coffin, and the protestors marched behind an canada goose outlet real American band that was playing jubilant and rousing Western march tunes. canada goose clearance

canada goose coats on sale ‘Now,’ chorused the crowd. canada goose coats on sale

cheap canada goose uk One of them brandished a placard, Restore First Amendment Right Now!. Another waved a placard, Stop canada goose outlet reviews Academic Jihad. A third one raised a placard with plea, Legitimise Hindu Political Activity. Hindus Are People Too. cheap canada goose uk

uk canada goose A few onlookers read the slogans but hardly anyone seemed eager to know what was happening. «We are for protecting everyone’s canada goose outlet eu freedom,» said one demonstrator to a man on a bicycle who was reading a placard. «There are enemies of freedom at this university.» uk canada goose

canada goose store A Bangladeshi Hindu who saw a placard announcing Hindus Will Not Be Silenced Anymore cornered one of the protestors and asked why Indian government wasn’t protecting Hindus in Bangladesh. As the marchers gathered steam, the two were arguing over (Congress president) Sonia Gandhi’s chances of becoming India’s prime minister. «Indians worship whites,» thundered the Bangladeshi. «You think Mrs Obama can ever become the prime minister of India?» canada goose store

Canada Goose Outlet Some of the placard carriers had absolutely no idea what the writing meant. Asked who is Goebbels (Hitler’s propaganda minister) one woman struggled to say something in Hindi but ended up using Gujarati. She said something like, «Isn’t it Toorjo’s full name?» Canada Goose Outlet

Another placard carrier End McCarthyism (sic) Against Hindus had no idea what McCarthyism was. Of course she had not heard of Senator Joseph canada goose factory outlet vancouver McCarthy.

The colorful slogans were reportedly inspired by a handful of University of Philadelphia (which runs Wharton) students and staff who are upset over the successful efforts of Professor Ghoshe and others in disinviting Modi.

Canada Goose sale McCarthyism, a campaign ofaccusations of disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence, scared thousands of Americans in the 1950s when Senator McCarthy accused many Americans of being Soviet Communist spies and stooges. Any reckless and unsubstantiated attack on political opponents is immediately identified as McCarthyism. Canada Goose sale

And it was McCarthyism that professor U Penn Saswati Sarkar alluded to in defending Modi and denouncing Ghose and cohorts and the Indian students at Wharton for capitulating to the demand Modi be disinvited.

Sarkar, professor in the department of electrical engineering, said the accusation at Modi that he had fomented «genocide» of Muslims were blatantly false. She said while some 700 Muslims were killed in Gujarat, some 330 Hindus were also killed, and the numbers showed it was a regrettable riot.

buy canada goose jacket And she also criticised the anti Modi lobby, which included English professors Ania Loomba and Suvir Paul, she said their complaint that letting Modi speak at the Wharton forum would have meant legitimising Modi. A leader who has been elected three times with an overwhelming majority and whose party had made successful inroads even in Muslim dominated constituencies winning quite a few of them does not need to be legitimised by Wharton students, Sarkar said to thundering applause, with the chant ‘Modi, Modi, Modi’ rising buy canada goose jacket.

And that fear is more about losing their own personal

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The Chargers’ 2016 campaign was especially painful

Paul Rapien, Cincinnati Elder, 6 5, 245, Sr. Quarterbacks Sean Jones, Cincinnati Colerain, 5 11, 180, Jr.; Joey Conrad, Logan, 6 4, 210, Sr. Backs Scott Froelich, Cuy. «Hasan is more mature, more comfortable in a leadership role. He has become a more vocal leader and is telling the younger guys what to do,» DeChellis said. «Hasan can break down defenses and get to the basket.

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An early bipolar symptom may be hypomania an emotional state in

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Alive, so I know who the Koch brothers are. I do not agree with them politically, Goldman said. Question went through my mind, but I dismissed it pretty quickly. Still, mild regulation for a few bizarre freak accidents pales in comparison to the pit bull esque maulings that took the lives of at least 2 toddlers last week. Every fucking time we are burying yet another mauled child due to pitt/rott breeds we have to stomach the ineffectual pleas of (the dog) never bit anyone before!!! Yeah, that the problem when they it is unprovoked, vicious, and deadly especially for smaller built humans like children and petite females. Yeah, I kinda went off on a tangent there I have little fear that my child is going to be mauled to death by a snake I DO have EVERY reason to fear my child might be suddenly attacked by dogs and there little I can do about it except most likely die trying to save my child. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

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True reconciliation can only occur after both parties have

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This cloud is the exception though. This seasonally recurrent ice cloud has a history of forming along the southwest flank of Arsia Mons. Mars Express and other orbiters have also spotted it in 2009, 2012 and 2015.. Yes you can contribute towards your Tier I account yourself. Tier II account is a like a saving account where you can temporarily park your extra savings which you can either withdraw later on or transfer to Tier I account. Opening of Tier II account is optional and not mandatory.

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But the problem I’m about to explore starts before a single

Fire and Water

replica bags china Surprising new research shows that around 20% of water, otherwise available to the Murray River alone, can be withheld for decades. Bushfires in the Snowy Mountains periodically strip the highlands bare of vegetation the regrowth that follows soaks up more water than a mature forest, withholding large amounts of water for as long as 40 years. replica bags china

Paul Willis visits the high country to Replica Handbags see what might be done to avoid this phenomena rewe’ve all heard about a number of problems with the quality and quantity of water in the whole Murray Darling system. But the problem I’m about to explore starts before a single drop of water even gets https://www.isbags.ru into the river. And the source of that problem is completely unexpected.

aaa replica bags it or not, bushfires are probably the most underestimated factor in the future of water supply, particularly up here in the High Country. aaa replica bags

seems that more bushfires equals less water downstream. Much Replica Bags Wholesale less.

Mark Adams: We’re not talking about one gigalitre, we’re talking tens of gigalitres or even hundreds of gigalitres when you look at the areas purse replica handbags that are now being burnt.

Five years ago huge areas of The Replica Bags High Country were burnt to a crisp in some of Handbags Replica the most devastating bushfires we’ve ever seen here.

this means for water supply goes something like this.

a mature forest, when it rains, the trees, shrubs, and grasses Designer Fake Bags take what they need. The rest of aaa replica designer handbags the water trickles off to make the streams and rivers or enters the ground water.

replica designer backpacks when a bushfire comes along, the vegetation is suddenly and completely eradicated. For a Wholesale Replica Bags year or two, water streams off at great rate. replica designer backpacks

as the bush regrows, the burgeoning new vegetation literally sucks the water out of the cheap replica handbags ground.

best replica designer bags result: less run off for the rivers. And this effect can last for decades. best replica designer bags

Mark Designer Replica Bags Adams at the University of NSW wants to put some serious data into the theory. So he and his colleagues are measuring every conceivable parameter that relates the growth of vegetation to fire and water.

buy replica bags online how do you measure the way plants grow? replica handbags china You put a glass box around them and record the gases coming out. buy replica bags online

Dr Paul Willis: So what exactly do these boxes sample?

Professor Adams: Yes, we take the sample of the gas and then we, it runs through these lines, all the way back to the laboratory and we measure the CO2, methane, and N2O.

replica bags Paul: And how Replica Designer Handbags often does it ooh! What’s going on now? replica bags

buy replica bags Professor Adams: Well, it’s replica handbags online going to open because when we’re not sampling, we want to keep the atmosphere the same as it is outside. So when we sample they close, but most of the time they sit open buy replica bags

Dispersed throughout the nearby forests and grassy paddocks groups KnockOff Handbags of students measure things like water stress and leaf transpiration as well as conducting infra red gas analysis and laser measurements of evaporation.

Adams: We’re seeing the sort, the numbers that would indicate say a twenty per cent loss in stream flow from an average sub catchment in the high country. Now that can equate to a lot of water.

bag replica high quality It’s quite a shock to see just how much of the replica Purse high country was burnt in that terrible summer of 2003. bag replica high quality

best replica bags online And if you think it looks bad, it’s about to get worse best replica bags online

in Canberra, they’re looking closely at bush fires. Geoff Cary at the ANU is making some bushfire predictions.

high replica bags Dr Geoff Cary: We’ve built a, a landscape computer model and this model here is for the ACT region. high replica bags

The warmer colours indicate shorter intervals Fake Designer Bags between fires, Wholesale Replica Handbags so perhaps ten to thirty years between fire events. The cooler colours or the green colours indicate much longer intervals between wholesale replica designer handbags fires, perhaps as long Fake Handbags as eighty, ninety or a hundred years high quality replica handbags between fires.